Press Quotes

Brilliantly executed by this working band, the music is complex, fascinating, even innovative. . . The leader plays bristling, restless trumpet throughout. Justin Mullens has some worthy ideas regarding the future of big band.

Duke Ellington’s famous characterization about music being “beyond category” immediately springs to mind when considering the highly personal art of Justin Mullens.

The writing, all by Mullens, is excellent…The solos are exceptional…This is just good big-band writing…The band should be heard – but not necessarily at weddings or barmitzvahs.

New York trumpeter, composer and arranger Justin Mullens has stirred up awareness in the current big band jazz scene without so much as a warning.

…He’s an innovative musician who not only has established a style of his own – one of narrative layers and unpredictable metrical shifts – but also has on this first project produced perhaps his epic creation.

Justin Mullens and The Delphian Jazz Orchestra, all of a sudden, have appeared with a CD that establishes him as a unique composer unafraid to take chances –