The Delphian Orchestra

Breaking through the confines of formal structure, The Delphian Jazz Orchestra brings a witty and arresting mix of sounds, textures, and images to its audience. The mercurial innovations of this original music are brought to life by some of NYC’s most facile and acclaimed musicians.

The Delphian Orchestra bases many of it’s thematic works on mythological narratives. These classic myths come to life in the counterpoint, rich harmony, and melody that weave seamlessly in and out of a range of musical genres. Whether by physically moving sound in the space of a room, panning a melody or harmony across and through the orchestra, or playing with our formulaic and tonal expectations, The Delphian Orchestra is committed to creating original compositions that move the listener and remain true to it’s artistic ideals.

The Delphian Orchestra has recorded it’s two most recent albums on Fresh Sound Records. Major works include Daphne Laureola (1999), Beowulf : Parts I-III (1999), Prometheus Bound (2005), Tales of Pan & Eyes of Argus (2006), Dionysus (2008), Labyrinth (2009), and The Heliconian Suite – a nine-piece suite inspired by the nine Muses.

The Myth of the Delphian Orchestra

Having found the Delphic Tripod in the basement of an abandoned leather factory in Hoboken, NJ (probably brought over by the Vikings in the 11th century), Justin Mullens and a small band of musicians knew that Fortune had shown them her benevolence. Supported by the long lost artifact of The Oracle, the musicians transported it to Brooklyn where they soon began to change their approach to their former non-diatonic- non-sound-super-altered-locrian concepts. This brought about the revolution of looking for an artistic expression through melody, counterpoint and form in a genre of music that was losing touch with it’s Psyche. Through continued inspiration from the sacred Tripod and it’s connexion to the Pythian God and the Muses, The Delphian Orchestra was born!

As the Apollonian epiphany took hold of the musicians, tearing them from their former complacency with the predominant order of music, The Delphian Orchestra undertook an ongoing struggle to manipulate form, sound, emotion and thought in ways that could most effect it’s listeners.

Phoebus Apollo, the Delian, Apollo Akestor, Loxias, Aphetoros, the Delphian, Your soul breathes from the tap in the bathroom near the wood shop down the hall, and on the Tripod we sit usurping the Pythia. The Omphalos was found in New Jersey………The armpit of America is the center of the world!